About Us

A Unique Industrial Contractor!

In April of 1993, after much prayer and council, William Renfrow started Renfrow Brothers Industrial Contractors. Starting with a vision and encouragement from future customers, he established an industrial/mechanical-contracting firm capable of accomplishing projects, large or small. With this vision and hard work, Renfrow Brothers has grown from 4 employees to over 300 employees servicing clients in the southeastern states.

Renfrow Brothers is committed to the welfare of their employees and the total satisfaction of customers. Renfrow Brothers takes pride in their performance with regard to scheduling, costs, and safety. We consider each opportunity a strategic alliance with the customer, rather than being “just another industrial contractor”.

Renfrow Brothers has a team of trained professionals who are skilled in their crafts and disciplined project managers who accomplish projects safely, on time, and within budget. Renfrow Brothers staff has a complete commitment to excellence on all projects, large or small.

Renfrow Brothers is unique in the marketplace because we operate a “Christ-centered” company. Employees have the freedom to pray, share with others, and follow Biblical principles in their daily work lives during breaks and after work hours. Additionally, a committee of employees from all aspects of the business exists within the company that is sensitive to the needs of our employees and will help in the areas of support, finance, or bereavement. The committee also helps employees be aware of volunteer opportunities in the community and communicates opportunities to contribute to needs in the area.

We trust that you will consider Renfrow Brothers Industrial Contractors for your next project. You can contact us by e-mail, phone, or fax.